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Velvicut Premium American Felling Axes Head Detail

The All American Felling Axe with a history that is steeped in American legend and folklore. Harking back to a time when a great axe made the working day for any woodsman a whole lot easier. The american Felling Axe and the Dayton head pattern have now been copied the world over and it has become a true icon of the forest and a design classic. The 4lb Dayton head is made from finest 5160 high carbon steel alloy and drop forged by hand and machine working in perfect harmony. The helve is cut and shaped from the very best Grade "A" all American Appalachian Hickory and its form is lean and slender affording the user greater feeling, control and safety as well as giving the axe stunning curves and jaw dropping good looks. Every Velvicut Premium Felling Axe comes fitted with a premium leather sheath, axe book and packaged in a fine box for safe transport.

These are top-of-the-line, world class axes made for the serious user, collector, outdoorsman, axe aficionado and the man who simply wants to keep his winter fires burning and split his logs in style. We fully appreciate that these axes are not going to be for everyone but rather for those who seek the very best.


Velvicut Premium Hudson Bay Forest Axes Detail

Well this is it, the Velvicut Hudson Bay Axe - Arguably the most iconic axe design ever made and certainly the most versatile. Like it's big brother the Felling Axe, the smaller Hudson Bay is built to world beating standards. It successfully combines useful cutting power as a chopping axe with the agility and finesse of a tool capable of carrying out finer, more intricate tasks that require a light hand and a delicate touch.

This is a true wilderness axe designed to be carried on the person, a genuine forest axe for the outdoorsman and bushcrafter, designed to carry out the regular daily chores around camp and to be taken out on adventures as a genuine survival tool. The owner of Mohican carried a very similar axe to this one during his time in Africa working as a Safari and White Water River Guide back in the early 90's. "It is a camp essential and I swear by it, the reason we sell these two axes is because if I had 10 seconds to grab two things before a trip out into the wild it would be my 8ft Range Tent and my Velvicut Hudson Bay Axe. We make tents and I therefore camp out a lot, often alone testing kit and you learn to depend on certain things that make your life easier, so when you discover a piece of kit this good and this useful it seems criminal to keep it to yourself....So I spoke to Margo Council at Council Tool and arranged to start importing and distributing them here in the UK"

This may only be an axe to some, but it is the very best axe and we belive that alongside a great tent, the small Hudson Bay Forest Axe truely is the ultimate tool for any outdoorsman, adventurer, wilderness camper, survivalist, woodsman, tree surgeon, guide, scout, hunter or explorer.

So if you are a lover of the great outdoors, go camping regularly, enjoy getting out into the wild, building your own fires, gathering your own wood, catching, preparing and cooking your own food over open fires......Then this is the tool for you and it will last a lifetime........Possibly the best investment you will ever make and quite beautiful in the hand and on the eye also. Perfect in every way.

Every Velvicut Premium Hudson Bay Axe comes fitted with a premium leather sheath, axe book and packaged in a fine box for safe transport.

Velvicut Premium American Felling Axe And Hudson B

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